Dear God

Dear God,

We pray for all the men and women, boys and girls, in the path of this hurricane.

We pray for minimal flood damage in homes and businesses.

We pray that people will turn to you during this awful storm, and you will be able to use chaos for good.

We pray for all the animals in these areas, that they would not be separated from their owners.

We pray for the authorities, the rescue crews, and all the doctors and nurses working in these areas.

Use it for good, Father.


King of my Heart

Do you ever wish you could meet a King? Or maybe a queen or a princess? How awesome would that be, to be able to stand in the presence or such an important person?

What would you say to such a person? It seems to me that no matter what you said, it would sound trivial. What are the chances that they would ever remember what you said? There is nothing you could possibly inform them about, nothing to change anything, ect. So what do you do? What do you say?

This is my line of thinking while remembering that God sits high on a mighty throne. Every royal person who has ever walked the Earth must bow before His powerful presence. ISAIAH says His train filled the temple. He is high and lifted up.

So whenever you feel tiny, or insignificant, just remember. . . . Your best friends with the King of all kings.

Legacy Of Mercy

My all-time favorite author, Lynn Austin, has effectively ransomed my week again! As Christian fiction authors go, I am convinced there is no other that can compare to this great writer.

Legacy of Mercy , a sequel to her previous book, Waves of Mercy, has been given to me for my honest review, and may I say, it definitely lives up to the high standard of Lynn Austin’s previous books.

Anneke is a wealthy lady of privilege, held in very high regard in social circles of high society in Chicago Illinois. Determined to marry the esteemed William Wilkenson to insure the stability of her father’s business, Anneke finds herself in the middle of scandle, heartbreak, and true love. How do you decide between your obligations to the family who rescued you from certain death, and finding happiness and true love for your future?

Grace and mercy are undercurrents, sweeping your spiritual emotions into knots of hopeless confusion. Where is the line drawn between obeying the laws of the Word of God, and finding peace and forgiveness from the people you hold so dear? The scripture of Jesus leaving the 99 to go rescue the one lost sheep makes no sense at all, until you are that one. God will come after you every time, offering peace and forgiveness through the blood of the Lord Jesus!

Only Lynn Austin can have you strolling across the words contentedly one paragraph, only to have you gasping for breath and yelling to anyone who will listen in the next. She competently hijacks your heart, leaving your laughing through tears and weeping through sighs.

Legacy of Mercy will be released October 2, 2018, and will be the first sequel for this esteemed author.


Are You A Witness?

Being a witness should be more than making a point to talk to someone about the Lord. Being a witness is the life you live every day, every place, in front of everyone. 

Acts 1:8 King James Version (KJV)

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Be a witness! Let the words you speak, the attitudes you display, and the actions you make all glorify God in such a way, that it makes others want to know more. The Holy Spirit in you  will draw people to the kingdom!

Book Review: Halfway to Nowhere

I was in a precarious position. Having finished my last book two days earlier, I knew I had to choose a new book before my trip out of town. I searched for hours for a Christian fiction book, but nothing struck my match.

This book came up, and it looked satisfactory, so I lept. It was ok. Nothing great, but not a bad read either. 

My biggest concern was I finished the book when it said I was 39% done. What a kill joy! No time to prepare myself for the end. It came suddenly. I didn’t feel like it was long enough. 

Concern number two was the language. I am sure it is not enough to offend most, but as I said, I am used to Christian novels, and they generally are very clean.

That being said, it was well written, and the character were vividly alive. I was compelled to turn the page, and keep reading, never wanting to put it down. 

My honest review is, it’s ok, buy don’t expect great. Definitely worth the read if you are in a lurch.

The Silver Music Box: Book Review

The Silver Music Box was a thrilling account of a Jewish family over three generations.  A fictional story set in tortured truth of time, this book shows just some of the battles the Jews faced, when their home country, whom they fought and died for, decided they were not worthy to live there anymore.

No matter where we are, who we are, or what we go through, one thing is a common denominator to everybody. . . . . Family. You will be hard spent to find somebody who has nobody. We thrive on togetherness. Love. It is what makes us human. 

But at the same time, we all have an enemy. Hate. Hatred is the enemy at the root of every war. And as the book says, “Humans always seem to need an enemy!”

Let love, and family, and friendship rule your life. Let it wage war against hatred that blinds. 

I give this book all stars, and 2 thumbs up!