Kindle or Paper?

Choose your pleasure. . . Kindle or paper. Book or device. Each has advantages and disadvantages. 

I must say, a couple of years ago, I was an intolerant book person. Print or nothing! It’s just not the same on a tablet or phone. 

Now, as I have 3 kids who devour my attention, I have noticed it is much more sensible to hope for a few minutes here or there with my phone. For when I pick up a book, the world becomes chaos! The travesty!

They think I am mindlessly playing on facebook, and they are fine with that. The truth is, I have secretly slipped out of this realm, to a lovely place where I do not exist. My friends await my coming with enthusiasm!

As much as I love to hold a physical book, I have devoured far more on my phone in the recent months.

In addition to ease, there are so many free adventures waiting on kindle. I rarely pay anymore, unless I get captivated in a series that ruthlessly holds me ransom. I can read endlessly without a dime! How neat is that!

Are printed books an endangered species? Being left alone while the masses prey on the endless shelves of electonic prose?

Only time will tell. . .


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