Review:Chilbury Ladies Choir

I’ll be honest. I would have never finished this book had I not received it free for my honest review. 

Reason I would not have finished:

  1. I did not approve of a few bad words. I believe maybe 4 in the book, but GD was one of them.
  2. It was slightly difficult to follow at first, as you have the storyline coming from 4 characters.
  3. I felt like I could have stopped in the middle and have no mysteries. There was nothing to keep you turning the page, so to speak.

With that being said, I did in fact finish the book. It took me 3 days to read it, but I read quite often.

So my honest review is, I am glad I continued reading. Toward the end, it got better. There was love, adventure, and heartache. 

I loved the close bond between the ladies of the choir that devoloped. The women were left in a town after the men went to fight in the war. As time passed, they discovered they were much stronger than they ever imagined.

This isn’t a ‘must read’ in my eyes, but it definitely isn’t the worst thing I’ve read. It wasn’t a waste of my time in the least. 


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