Miriam by Mesu Andrews (A Book Review)

I recently fell in love with Biblical fiction novels. In the past, I had never given them a chance. I chose this one as my first, and I see the many benefits of reading books in this genre.

As they are placed in the biblical setting, they help you gather related information to better understand the surrounding events. This book takes you to the period when Miriam was pack leader among the Israelites, waiting for release from their Egyptian slavery.

Miriam enjoyed much esteem by all, until her brother Moss appears on the scene, taking the spotlight from her peers, as well as her God.

Why was God alienating her? Why was he quiet? Why does He no longer speak?

This is a riveting book allowing you a more solid grasp of the story of Israel’s release from bondage.

4 stars, 2 thumbs up, and a smile!


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