Honeyholes of Books

Everybody loves it when we share our knowledge of a honey hole right? Oh sorry! I’m a country gal. Maybe you don’t know the saying “honey hole?”

Around here, most everybody fishes. Especially now, because in the spring, the fish spawn. This makes it easy to load up. 

A honey hole is a golden spot where you make a catch as soon as you dip your line in the water. It’s like there is a never ending supply. 

So I shall share my honey holes for books. Maybe you’ve already tapped these. Maybe not! But none the less, here is my list.

1. Amazon Kindle unlimited

2. Book Bub

3. Tyndale Blog Network

4. Blogging for Books

5. Amazon

6. Abe books

7. Ebay

8. Local thrift stores

That’s it. That’s where I mainly frequent for books. Mainly I use Kindle for books, as it’s easier. These are my sources!

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