Thicker Than Blood by C. J. Darlington

I just finished this book by Darlington, about two sisters and their lives after their parents are killed in a car crash. Now they are grown, 15 years later, and both feel a yearning toward the other. Estranged after the accident, they feel like strangers after all these years. 

This was a pretty good read. It definitely gets better as you go. I almost put it down at first, but I am glad I finished it. 

2 thumbs up, 3 stars ALL SMILES!


A Book Is A Book!

Has anyone every asked you what your favorite book is? Who your favorite author is? What kind of book you like to read?

I am pretty flexible. I like a good romance for sure. Especially the kind where it’s secret love until close to the end, then they figure out they love each other! Ahhh! Just like a fairy tale.

I also like a good nail biting drama. Lots of suspense and action. You know, where you flip the page faster and faster? Can’t put it down. Just one more chapter!

I guess I like fiction more than nonfiction, because it helps me get away from this crazy life I’m in. I just recently figured this out. I was a fiction gal trapped in a nonfiction body lol.

What is your perrogative?

Book Review: Wings of Refuge

I must first admit to you, this book review will be slightly biased! Why? Lynn Austin is without question my FAVORITE author! This sweet lady can spin words into a Web that will have you bouncing up and down while reading. You will cry, laugh, and sometimes even shout out loud. This particular book was a Symphony of words used to melt your heart.

What kind of author can have 3 different story lines going simultaneously, yet never lose your interest for 1 minute? I love the way she weaves scripture into her books, making them almost like a devotional by the time you are finished. I am undeniably more informed about things after reading a book by Lynn.

I give this wonderefill book 2 thumbs up, 4 stars, and ALL SMILES!

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Book Review: Without Warning

My most recent book adventure has been Without Warning by Joel Rosenberg. I have never read his books before, and at first I was afraid it would be too technical. After all, my husband has had his eye on it for a while, and we NEVER read the same books. That being said, this was the exception. I read all 100 chapters in about 4 days, and found it riviting! It was easy enough to follow, with plenty of details to put you right in the middle of things.

This was a fictional book about ISIS and a man’s endeavors, both personally and professionally, to right the wrongs from his life.

I definitely loved it! I give this book 2 thumbs up, 4 stars, and ALL SMILES!
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Final Destination

Honeyholes of Books

Everybody loves it when we share our knowledge of a honey hole right? Oh sorry! I’m a country gal. Maybe you don’t know the saying “honey hole?”

Around here, most everybody fishes. Especially now, because in the spring, the fish spawn. This makes it easy to load up. 

A honey hole is a golden spot where you make a catch as soon as you dip your line in the water. It’s like there is a never ending supply. 

So I shall share my honey holes for books. Maybe you’ve already tapped these. Maybe not! But none the less, here is my list.

1. Amazon Kindle unlimited

2. Book Bub

3. Tyndale Blog Network

4. Blogging for Books

5. Amazon

6. Abe books

7. Ebay

8. Local thrift stores

That’s it. That’s where I mainly frequent for books. Mainly I use Kindle for books, as it’s easier. These are my sources!

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Miriam by Mesu Andrews (A Book Review)

I recently fell in love with Biblical fiction novels. In the past, I had never given them a chance. I chose this one as my first, and I see the many benefits of reading books in this genre.

As they are placed in the biblical setting, they help you gather related information to better understand the surrounding events. This book takes you to the period when Miriam was pack leader among the Israelites, waiting for release from their Egyptian slavery.

Miriam enjoyed much esteem by all, until her brother Moss appears on the scene, taking the spotlight from her peers, as well as her God.

Why was God alienating her? Why was he quiet? Why does He no longer speak?

This is a riveting book allowing you a more solid grasp of the story of Israel’s release from bondage.

4 stars, 2 thumbs up, and a smile!

Reading Through Time

I remember. . . .

In fourth grade I would read Harlequin under the covers with flashlights lit.

In seventh grade I walked around with a book in front of my face to escape peers.

In tenth grade I was never without a book in my purse.

Today I keep my books on Kindle, but they are always with me.

Reading through time. My grand daughter says I’m a nerd. Well, I guess I’m OK with that!