Fire by Night by Lynn Austin

I have been reading the Refiner’s Fire series, focusing on the Civil War Era. Fire By Night is the second book in this series and is told from the North’s persprective. The first was told from the South’s perspective, and the last will be from a slave’s perspective.

That being said, I really enjoyed this book. The story focuses on two women during the war, one coming from a wealthy background, and the other from a poor background. The characters meet eventually, and become friends. 

I love anything to do with hospitals, doctors, and nurses, so I really got this book. One of the characters runs away to become a nurse at the field hospital. The other eventually ends up becoming a nurse too.

I love the personalities Ms. Austin gives the characters. They soon become your friends, as you see their struggles and victories.
I highly recommend this book!

Fire by Night (Refiner’s Fire) (Volume 2)


Miriam by Mesu Andrews (A Book Review)

I recently fell in love with Biblical fiction novels. In the past, I had never given them a chance. I chose this one as my first, and I see the many benefits of reading books in this genre.

As they are placed in the biblical setting, they help you gather related information to better understand the surrounding events. This book takes you to the period when Miriam was pack leader among the Israelites, waiting for release from their Egyptian slavery.

Miriam enjoyed much esteem by all, until her brother Moss appears on the scene, taking the spotlight from her peers, as well as her God.

Why was God alienating her? Why was he quiet? Why does He no longer speak?

This is a riveting book allowing you a more solid grasp of the story of Israel’s release from bondage.

4 stars, 2 thumbs up, and a smile!

Reading Through Time

I remember. . . .

In fourth grade I would read Harlequin under the covers with flashlights lit.

In seventh grade I walked around with a book in front of my face to escape peers.

In tenth grade I was never without a book in my purse.

Today I keep my books on Kindle, but they are always with me.

Reading through time. My grand daughter says I’m a nerd. Well, I guess I’m OK with that!

Book Limbo

What a dreadfully awful place to be! I need a new book. A great one! One that will shape this week into a good one. 

I love fiction, books that capture your heart and tantalize your mind. I love books that make it impossible to put down. I love books that make me fall in love with the characters, and think of them as friends.

I hate books that drag along and never take shape. I hate books that are too scattered, making you woder what is going on. I hate books that leave me feeling guilty or dirty.

I need a new book!

Review:Chilbury Ladies Choir

I’ll be honest. I would have never finished this book had I not received it free for my honest review. 

Reason I would not have finished:

  1. I did not approve of a few bad words. I believe maybe 4 in the book, but GD was one of them.
  2. It was slightly difficult to follow at first, as you have the storyline coming from 4 characters.
  3. I felt like I could have stopped in the middle and have no mysteries. There was nothing to keep you turning the page, so to speak.

With that being said, I did in fact finish the book. It took me 3 days to read it, but I read quite often.

So my honest review is, I am glad I continued reading. Toward the end, it got better. There was love, adventure, and heartache. 

I loved the close bond between the ladies of the choir that devoloped. The women were left in a town after the men went to fight in the war. As time passed, they discovered they were much stronger than they ever imagined.

This isn’t a ‘must read’ in my eyes, but it definitely isn’t the worst thing I’ve read. It wasn’t a waste of my time in the least. 

A Little Too Much

My tips for reading? Don’t stop until you’ve read 100 pages or so. That way the characters are part of your soul. You become friends, enemies, and family. 

When I finish a book, especially a series of books, I almost feel as though a close friend has moved away! With whom shall I share my time? I can’t believe you are gone. 

Am I strange to feel forsaken by the characters who so carelessly left me here? 

Onward! To the next book!