Book Review: Halfway to Nowhere

I was in a precarious position. Having finished my last book two days earlier, I knew I had to choose a new book before my trip out of town. I searched for hours for a Christian fiction book, but nothing struck my match.

This book came up, and it looked satisfactory, so I lept. It was ok. Nothing great, but not a bad read either. 

My biggest concern was I finished the book when it said I was 39% done. What a kill joy! No time to prepare myself for the end. It came suddenly. I didn’t feel like it was long enough. 

Concern number two was the language. I am sure it is not enough to offend most, but as I said, I am used to Christian novels, and they generally are very clean.

That being said, it was well written, and the character were vividly alive. I was compelled to turn the page, and keep reading, never wanting to put it down. 

My honest review is, it’s ok, buy don’t expect great. Definitely worth the read if you are in a lurch.